At Ink, we’re grocery shoppers, too! We love to cook! And, we LOVE flavors that pop! Our story began years ago in South Korea, when, as a young boy, one of our partners and his mother experimented with infusing soy sauce and fresh produce in their kitchen.

As an adult, he recreated these delicious flavored soy sauces in his own kitchen, and shared with friends. We all agreed that, not only were these exceptional condiments, but also unique in our experience.

We bet you’ve done the same thing in your favorite sushi restaurant or in your own kitchen. Our mission statement practically wrote itself as we looked high and low for a soy sauce that would elevate our cooking experiences. Aside from the typical offerings, some real and some made with chemicals, we saw nothing on grocery store shelves that matched our vision for intense, but balanced, flavors. So, we decided to start a revolution. We hope you’ll join us!

We created Ink flavor infused soy sauces to help you capture the complexity and experience of Asian flavors, and apply that in your own kitchen with just about any food you can imagine.

From the beginning, we demanded that Ink soy sauce be made with real ingredients, and crafted in small batches with naturally brewed non-GMO soy sauce. Ink soy sauce is delicious and simple to use.

Ink is a wholesome, fresh, innovative line of soy sauce products that meet today’s needs for real flavor, real convenience and a premium experience.

We carefully selected and developed a full line of flavors that enable you to easily enhance, integrate, infuse, inspire and elevate your cooking.

Dash, drizzle, pour, dunk. From stir-fry to burgers to marinades to dipping sauces to salad dressings, every intense drop of Ink soy sauce brings more to the table, grill and wok than any other soy sauce.



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